Celebrating Là Fhèill Mìcheil

Seeing as there isn’t much evidence for Irish festivities, short of a good roast of lamb or goose, and perhaps saining the threshold with the blood from the animal, there isn’t much point in detailing it separately below. Rites, if any, can be fleshed out from that point.

The suggestions below follow the general outline of events as they take place in the descriptions, but doing it exactly isn’t necessarily feasible if you are trying to accommodate a lot of people with busy schedules who all want to take part. Adaptations, as necessary, will have to be made in that case.

  • Preparing wild carrots, by

    Preparing wild carrots, by “foam”

    On the eve, begin with the making of the strùthan(s), as per the bannock recipes. If there’s any fallaid left over, bake it with the strùthan or purposely burn it and use it as an offering to avoid any unwanted attention from the Good Folk.

  • The following morning, give blessings to the household and the strùthan before having some for breakfast (with some lamb, if you can stomach it so early!), and make offerings and praise to the gods, spirits and ancestors.
  • The day can be spent making a procession of the local area, exchanging small gifts between those participating (with blessings), having games and amusements (races and competitions etc.), and preparing a feast for the evening, or lunch if you prefer. The more that can help, the merrier.
  • Carrots can be harvested, if you have any, or can find wild carrots (Daucus carota, or Queen Anne’s Lace) in your area. It’s traditional to give some to the first person you meet.
  • Music, dancing and song can follow the feasting.

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