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Gaelic Polytheist (and related) websites

Celtic – General



Isle of Man

Academic Resources

Highly recommended

Gaelic Polytheist (and related) websites

Gaelic Polytheist (and related) websites

Gaol Naofa FAQ – A frequently asked questions resource for Gaelic Polytheism from Gaol Naofa. Some of it deals with organisation-specific question, but a large portion of it answers questions about Gaol Naofa’s views on the basic tenets of Gaelic Polytheism which may be of wider interest.

CR FAQ – A frequently asked questions resource for anyone wanting to learn more about CR, written by several of the more senior members of the movement

Paganachd – A Celtic Reconstructionist Gateway, home of the CR FAQ and other articles that are well worth a read

Gaelic Polytheism : The Gaelic Polytheist web – An introduction to the basics

CAORANN – Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Nazism, recently relaunched and updated – Kathryn Price NicDhàna’s personal site


CR Essay – A piece of CR history, largely out of date now according to some of those who collaborated on it but still worth a read


Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism – The Wikipedia entry on Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, a good overview


Imbas – A now defunct organisation, and much of the content here is now out of date (not entirely reflecting modern scholarship or reconstructionist methodology per se, in a lot of places), but there is still some interesting stuff here


Land Sea and Sky – An introductory online book to CR by the late Francine Nicholson and other contributors

Mary Jones – A fantastic resource, well-researched and extensive, including an encyclopedia of all things Celtic and a compendium of myths

Celtic Reconstructionist and Gaelic Polytheist communities/social media

Gaelic Polytheism – Gaol Naofa’s Facebook group for members and non-members alike. Please read the guidelines before joining!

Gaol Naofa – Gaol Naofa’s official Facebook page

Gaol Naofa Youtube – Gaol Naofa’s official Youtube channel


Págánacht – A community for Celtic Reconstructionists on Reddit


Gaol Naofa on Twitter – Tweets from Gaol Naofa


Gaol Naofa on G+ – Gaol Naofa’s Google+ page


Tairis on Pinterest – *Flails around* I’ve no idea what I’m doing, really…


Gaol Naofa on Pinterest – Boards for sharing our memes, videos, and ideas for Gaelic Polytheist-related crafts, recipes, photos, and more


CAORANN – Celts Against Oppression, Racism, and Neo-Nazism’s Facebook page

Óenach – A community for Gaelic Polytheists on Livejournal, pretty much dormant now but some good discussions can be found there.


Paganachd agus Paganacht – A group for Gaelic Polytheists on Livejournal


 CR_R – The Celtic Reconstructionist group on Livejournal; check the User Info page for links to regional CR groups as well (US only), though they’re all largely tumbleweeds now



Useful Blogs

A selective list of what I think are some of the most useful and focused CR/GP blogs; for more suggestions see my list on Tairis-CR.


Tairis-CR – The sister site to this, my public blog for my personal musings on CR and my ramblings about my Gaelic Reconstructionist Polytheist path


Tairis Tales – Another imaginatively titled blog of mine, a collection of tales, myths, lore and more from the Gaelic countries


Amhran nam Bandia – Kathryn Price NicDhàna’s blog on Gaelic Polytheism, cultural preservation, and indigenous solidarity


Three Shouts on a Hilltop – The musings of Sionnach Gorm, Cúntóir Riaracháin of Gaol Naofa


Unfettered Wood – A blog from the lovely folks who run Nefaeria, with more focus on Gaelic Polytheism


Nefaeria – “Ramblings and musings” with a Gaelic Polytheist twist


Reul-iul Bride – ‘The Guiding Star of Bride’, by Kilmeny, mainly focusing on Brigid


Hearth Light – A Gaelic Polytheist blog from Marsaili


Seashells and Shamrocks – From Irish blogger and Gaelic Polytheist Lon dubh


Tumbling from the Hilltop – A Gaelic Polytheist Tumblr from Sionnach Gorm


Ailiu iath na – A Gaelic Polytheist Tumblr from Kathryn Price NicDhàna


Three and One-half Tines – An Irish Polytheist Tumblr from E


Fionnabhar – A Gaelic Polytheist Tumblr with added books and tea


An Geasadach Gàidhealach – A Gaelic Polytheist Tumblr from The Highland Peacock


Primal Heart – A Gaelic Polytheist Tumblr from Renegade Artist


Tír Tairnge – A great Brazilian CR blog, which also has some of my articles from here translated into Portuguese


Scrawls at the Hearth Fire – A Gaelic Polytheist blog from one of Gaol Naofa’s council members, Breandán

International (non-English language) Celtic Reconstructionist sites and resources


Nertho – United Pagans of Europe – A message board for discussing CR, catering for a variety of languages/countries


Celtoi Net: Die Community für Neokeltischen Glauben – German CR portal


Reconstruccionismo Celta – Spanish-language CR portal


The CR FAQ – Brazil – A translation of the CR FAQ into Portuguese


Celtopedia – Google thinks this is in Spanish, but it also translates “Con la lengua -familia lingüística-” as “Cunnilingus-linguistic family” so errrr….yeah…


Reconstruccionismo Celta – A Spanish-language CR forum.


FAQ Recconstruccionismo Celta – A Spanish-language version of the CR FAQ


 Temraig – A Brazilian, Portuguese-language CR website with articles and resources

See also (CR and non-CR links of note)


Reconstructing Ireland at Home – an article by Andrew Nusca, with Kathryn Price NicDhàna, Paul Pigman, about CR and the controversy surrounding Tara, originally published by Irish Voice (pdf)


Cornerstones of Wisdom: Poetry, Permanence and Wildness in Gaelic Polytheism – an essay by Treasa Ní Conchobhair published in Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics Summer Solstice 2012 edition


Interview with a Gaelic Polytheist – Some interesting stuff here, in spite of a few misapprehensions on the part of the interviewer


Imbas Creations – Beautiful jewellery, metalwork and artwork from Ingrid Houwers, a fellow CR living in Ireland


Ceisiwr Serith – A great site for Proto-Indo-European studies and religion, with some good information to mine through here


Interview with a founder – A good bit of history about how CR came about


Interview with a founder – An interview from another founder, straight from the horse’s mouth




Celtic – General

History, Myth, and Literature


Gods in the Hood – by Angelique Gulermovich Epstein


Internet Medieval Sourcebook – includes work by Nennius, Giraldus Cambrensis and Gildas


Sacred Texts Celtic page – lots of books that you’ll want to read. Although outdated, it’s a good resource


Druids and Brahmins: A Case of Mistaken Identity


Tripartite World (pdf)


IndoEuropean Caste Systems and Cosmologies


‘Humans as ritual victims in the later prehistory of Western Europe,’ – By Miranda Green


Notes on Celtic Paganism – some useful notes on the Celts and religion, from a university course





Teacht Na nGealt (Celtic Writing)


Celtic languages on Wikipedia


Gaelic dictionaries online – a selection of Manx, Irish and Scottish dictionaries


The Celtic League






History and Archaeology


Ireland’s History in Maps


Roots Ireland – Irish Ancestry


EMAP – Early Medieval Archaeology Project




Celtic Interlace: An Overview – an overview of the origins and history of Celtic knotwork


Irish Megaliths – interactive map of places of interest



Folklore and Tradition


Irish Culture and Customs


Ireland’s Eye – Recipes, History, Folklore, Culture


Custom, Lore and Legend of Other Clare Days


The Joe Heaney Archives



Myth, Legend and Literature

CELT – Corpus of Electronic Texts – an excellent resource


Luminarium – lots of resources for Irish myth and literature


The Celtic Literature Collective: Irish


Medieval Irish Poetry


Irish Script Onscreen – includes the Book of Leinster


The Triads of Ireland


Táin Bó Cúalnge – The Cattle Raid of Cooley


Cath Maige Tuired – The Second Battle of Mag Tured, translated by Elizabeth Grey


Lebor Gabala Erenn (Book of Invasions)


The Voyage of Bran


De Gabail in t-Side in So Sis – Vernam Hull’s translation


Echtra Nerai – Kuno Meyer’s Translation (pdf)

Sengoídelic – Quotations from Early Irish Literature


Banshenchas – Part one of the ‘Lore of Women’; the rest is not (yet) available online


5 Minute Irish Stories





The Fifth Direction: Sacred centres in Ireland


Kingship in Early Ireland – Charles Doherty


Pagan Celtic iconography and the concept of sacral kingship – Miranda Aldhouse-Green


Sacred topology in early Ireland and India


Imbas Forosnai by Nora Chadwick


Samhain: Not the Celtic New Year(?)



Gods and Goddesses


The Heroic Age: Milk Symbolism and the Bethu Brigte – explores the connection between Brigit and milk


Brighid: What do we really know?


The Names of the Dagda – Scott A Martin

Hags, Queens and Wise Women: Supernatural Females of the Irish Otherworld – Gearoid Ó Crualaoich (index of radio show on RTÉ)


From Manannan to Bercilak: The Green Knight and the Gaelic Otherworld-god-in-disguise – by Charles MacQuarrie

The Morrigan and Her Germano-Celtic Counterparts – dissertation by Angelique Gulermovich Epstein





Irish Gaelic Translator forums


Irish lessons


Daltai na Gaelige


Beginners guide to Irish Gaelic pronunciation


The Philo-Celtic Society


Old Irish Dictionary


The Gaelic League of New England


In Dúil Bélrai – Old Irish dictionary online


Old Irish Online

eDIL – Online Irish dictionary


Old Irish Spelling and Pronunciation


Old Irish Links



Environmental Issues







History and Archaeology

Canmore – look up information on archaeological sites in Scotland


Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports


Scottish Books and Articles – a huge resource of antiquarian books


Were the Scots Irish? by Ewan Campbell


Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness


Artur mac Aedan of Dalriada


World of the Ancient Britons


National Library of Scotland


Historical Handfasting – an excellent article on the actual history of handfasting



Folklore and Tradition

Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o’ Riches – a wealth of sound recordings and songs from around Scotland


Am Baile – (Scottish) Highland History and Culture


The School of Celtic and Scottish Studies Archive – some really good articles on folklore and customs, along with a huge amount of sound recordings and picture archive

The Carmichael-Watson Project – An extensive archive of Alexander Carmichael’s notes from his fieldwork


The Carmichael-Watson Blog – A huge amount of folklore from Alexander Carmichael’s notes


Undiscovered Scotland


Rampant Scotland


Seanchas ìle – Islay’s Folklore Project


The Whirlpool of Corryvreckan – some fantastic bits of lore here


Brighid – Goddess and Saint


 Cailleach’s Herbarium – An amazing website with loads of resources here (with content added regularly)



A consideration of Pictish names


Pictish Arts Society


The Problem of the Picts



Myth, Legend and Literature


The Coming of Angus and Bride


Wonder Tales From Scottish Myth and Legend


Scottish Fairy and Folktales


Popular Tales of the Western Highlands



Gods and Goddesses


More than Winter’s Crone: The Cailleach in Scotland – by Insa Thierling


The Cailleach: Harvest Old Wife




Dwelly-d – Faclair Gàidhlig air loidhne


Macbain’s Dictionary


An Comunn Gàidhealaich Ameireaganaich


Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia

Beag air Bheag: Scottish Gaelic for beginners


Sabhal Mor Ostaig


Scottish Gaelic news




Isle of Man

History, Archaeology and Folklore


A Manx Notebook


Manx National Heritage


Studeyrys Manninagh – e-Journal of Manx Studies


Manx Music Database


Manx Heritage Foundation


Tynwald – The Isle of Man’s Parliament


Chiollagh Books – First Series


Chiollagh eBooks


Manx Notes







Manx language


Ynsee Gaelg – Learn Manx




Academic Resources


Celtica – Journal of the School of Celtic Studies


E-Keltoi – Journal of Interdisciplinary Celtic Studies


Éigse – Volume 33


Éigse – Volume 34


Éigse – Volume 35


Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland – pdf versions of all articles from 1851-1999


Heroic Age


Celtic Cultural Studies: An Interdisciplinary Online Journal

Revue Celtique (up to volume 52)



Academic Resources and Repositories

Edinburgh University Celtic and Scotties Studies Archive

Enlighten – Glasgow University ePrints

Glasgow Theses Service

Ulster Institutional Repository

List of Captured Texts at University College Dublin

Celtic Digital Initiative