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A list of all articles on Tairis:

Celtic’ Reconstructionism? The Problem of Irish ‘Textual Omelettes’ Creation Myths
Gaelic Polytheism Irish Mythology Sources for the Three Realms
So What Do You Believe? Approaches to Celtic Studies Muir – Sea
How To Get Started Status and Society Talam – Earth
Nem – Sky
Afterlife and Ancestors
Gessi and Buada Gods of Landscape and Lore Daily Prayers and Ceremonies
Values – Part One Gods as Ancestors Smàladh – Smooring the Hearth Fire
Values – Part Two Gods and Spirits The Rest Prayer
Values – Part Three Gods in Scotland Prayer at Rising
Values – Part Four The Gods – Part One Ùrnaigh – Morning Prayer
The Gods – Part Two Blessing of the Kindling
Daoine Sìth Prayer to the Sun
Brìde and the Cailleach Prayer to the Moon
The Dagda – Part One The Three Who Are Over Me
The Dagda – Part Two Offerings
The Dagda – Part Three Types of Offerings: An Overview
Making an Offering
(De)constructing Reconstructionist Ritual The Gaelic Year Celebrating Samhainn
Deiseal – The Sunwise Turn The New Year Carving Turnips
The Deiseal Ritual Samhainn Samhainn Divination
Saining Yule/Hogmanay – Part One Celebrating Hogmanay
Saining – The Sop Seile Yule/Hogmanay – Part Two Celebrating Yule
Saining – The Juniper and Water Rite Là Fhèill Brìghde Celebrating Là Fhèill Brìghde
Rowan and Red Threads Là na Caillich Making a Dealbh Brìde
Rowan Charm Ritual Bealltainn – Part One Making a Cros Bríde – three-armed (triskele) type
Frìth Bealltainn – Part Two Making a Cros Bríde – interwoven type
Festival Outline Midsummer Celebrating Bealltainn
Lùnastal Celebrating Midsummer
Là Fhèill Mìcheil Celebrating Lùnastal
Celebrating Là Fhèill Mìcheil
Birth and Baptism Festival Bannocks and Caudle The Quick and Dirty ‘Where Do I Start?’ Book List
Marriage: Part One Festival Bannocks and Caudle Recipes The Big Book List
Marriage: Part Two Strùthan Articles
Marriage: Part Three Oatmeal Bannocks Antiquarian Books
Marriage: Part Four Drop Bannocks Reviews: Archaeology
Marriage: Part Five Fife Bannocks Reviews: Celtic
Marriage: Part Six Pitcaithly Bannocks Reviews: Irish
Death and Burial Selkirk Bannock Reviews: Scottish
Yetholm Bannock Reviews: Other
Brodick Bannock Links
Making Butter
Festival Recipes